Where To Buy Wholesale NFL Merchandise and Items

September 18th, 2012

One of the hottest products lines in the market is the NFL licensed merchandise including jewelry, earrings, pendants, key rings, key chains, rings, bracelets, magnets, decals, sticker! But if you own a business and want to carry these you run into the cost of inventory. Most of the manufacturers have high minimum orders. This means that you have to order either a certain quantity or you have to order a minimum dollar amount.

Don’t fret there is a company where the pricing is good and they offer very low and usually no minimums. They are a distributor for several of the big lines like Siskiyou, National, Laser Magic and many more. The name of the NFL Supplier for Wholesale Products is called Wholesale Find It.com

Wholesale NFL Merchandise

They offer over 5000 different NFL items that they offer at wholesale prices! If you are looking some of the hottest sellers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to stock them check out Wholesalefindit.com and get the best prices on licensed NFL, MLB, NCAA merchandise and apparel!

Where To Find College Belly Button Rings For You Favorite Team

September 18th, 2012

There are a lot of different ways to support your team out in the market but women are always looking for a better and fashion trendy way to support these teams with items such as jewelry, pendants, bracelets and yes, belly button rings from collegiate teams.

Here is a list of some of the best selling teams and where you can actually buy them!

Auburn Tigers Belly Button Ring: http://www.bodystuds.com/product-p/college47.htm
Alabama Crimson Tide Belly Ring: http://www.bodystuds.com/product-p/college44.htm
Kansas Jayhawks Navel Ring: http://www.bodystuds.com/product-p/college7.htm
Nebraska Cornhuskers Body Jewelry: http://www.bodystuds.com/product-p/college6.htm
Oklahoma Sooners Belly Ring: http://www.bodystuds.com/product-p/college13.htm

Another Great place to get these belly rings is on bonanza – click here for collegiate belly rings

You can find some of the hardest to find colleges like West Virginia, Texas Am, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Iowa, Kentucky Wildcats navel rings and many other schools. They are out there – here are just a couple of different places that you can buy them online. Bodystuds.com does not charge shipping on any orders over $25. Bonanza charges $2.95 in shipping costs which is still really low on all the jewelry selection for NFL, NHL, NBA  and MLB as well all all their college or NCAA teams. So no need to go through withdrawal symptoms. We have the remedy for the true fan. No Side effects, just gold old fashion quality for a good price!

Written Erin Fletch

Body Jewelry Jobs – Making Belly Rings

November 24th, 2010

Body jewelry is a good industry but how did it hold up while the entire, worldwide economy is seeming to take aplunge. The answer is that it seems that people are taking great pride in the littel things. Maybe they are dropping air travel and cruises and even long weekend vacations but they are opting for smaller and simpler pleasures and this means low cost jewelry items such as body jewelry and belly rings. This has kept belly rings manufacturers hoping to fill orders. This is the good news. The bad news is that many of the belly jewelry rings manufacturers that are used by the American based retail body jewelry sellers are based out of Thailand or China. This is because they can make them there much cheaper. However there are still retail sales jobs and internet based sales and customer service jobs in the body jewelry industry. Visit Bodystuds.com to find the best prices on all different kinds of body jewelry, especially sports as they are the leader in sports and hunting, camo body jewelry and belly rings.

How To Find A Body Jewelry Job

We suggest finding the best online body jewerly companies such as bodystuds.com and see if they have any opening available in their company. Even if they don’t, make sure that you don’t stop there. These guys know everybody in this tight knit industry and they can probably tell you who is hiring including the USA based body jewelry manufacturers.

Rebel Flag Belly Rings

Belly rings that are odd sometimes are the best sellers. For example Conferate and Rebel Flag belly rings sell very good! Who knows when it comes to retails sales of different belly rings. So you can always start your own! You can also find Marvel, Spider Man, Thor , Hulk body jewelry by clicking here.

Dental Jobs – Dental Hygiene Jobs

December 4th, 2009

One of the job sectors that employers have the hardest time with is dental hygiene and dental assistant jobs. These two categories have employees that work part time mostly and they tend to be women. Because of this they are often taking maternity leave but still want their jobs after several months of maternity leave. They do not typically leave the job forever since they only have to work part time when they come back from baby leave. This leaves the employer looking for part time employees in these job categories.

They often resort to temp dental job or placement firms. The price tag on these dental hygienist jobs and dental assitants can be high. The employers or dentists often have no problem paying for these temps since they still make a lot of money of them and don’t want to reschedule patients. The dentists or office managers would do a lot better if they could find hygienists or assitants in the area that are always looking to fill in for these type jobs without having to go through a  temp agency. This is where job boards can come in handy. Dental job boards are particularly active since it saves the dentists a lot money and the hygienists can pick up days as they need them without having to pay part of their pay to a temp agency.

Check Out Our New Job Site On Jan 10

November 28th, 2009

Samrat Jobs will be open again on Jan 10  with a brand new set up that will make it easier to find the jobs that you are looking for. We have very specialized job boards up right now to help very specific industries. For dental jobs including dental hygiene, dental assistant, dental lab tech jobs and even dental sales jobs visit our dental jobs board.